Insomnium – The Elder

Muzica melodeath/ folk/ viking metal

Insomnium – The Elder

muzica heavy metal

Insomnium, trupa finlandeza de death metal melodic, a carei muzica incorporeaza elemente de folk metal, symphonic metal si mai ales doom metal. Melodiile lor sunt melancolice, versurile vorbesc despre tristete, pierdere si moarte, si sunt preluate sau influentate de autori clasici ca Edgar Allan Poe, Friedrich Holderline si poetul clasic finlandez, Eino Leino.

Discografie: Demo ’99 (1999); Underneath the Moonlit Waves (demo) (2000); In the Halls of Awaiting (2002); Since the Day it All Came Down (2004); Above the Weeping World (2006); Across the Dark (2009).

Piesa The Elder se afla pe albumul In the Halls of Avaiting (2002) al trupei Insomnium.

Insomnium – The Elder

Insomnium – The Elder (Lyrics)

In the arms of rimed soil, lies the autumns last withered leaf
Land now bare and naed, awaits it’s snowy sheet

And as the light still lingers, painting scarlet this barren scene
An old man sings his song of melancholy and relinquish

I’m a whirl deep in dark waters,
A stare in the shades of fir-trees
I’m riding above with north wind,
Herding the black clouds of rain
Mine is the kingdom,
Far from the moon to the sun
I am the elder,
Standing forever as one

And in that sudden moment, when everything’s turned to still,
He abruptly breaks the silence, becomes one with longing

And singing ever stronger, nature joins as one with him
Fire in his eyes, universe under twisted grin

Muzica melodeath/ folk/ viking metal

de celestinne
Categorie: Muzica melodeath/ folk/ viking metal

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